Yesterday we left Malaga after almost a week in the city.  It was the launch of the Spain portion of our trip.  I had been to Malaga 25 years ago with my friend Jeremy Salter when we drove from London to Morocco, but I did not remember the city at all. It was new for all of us.  

The dramatic distinction from Copenhagen has not been lost on the kids.  It is warmer, louder, more chaotic. In Copenhagen the kids were aware of the strict rule-bound behavior.  Win was chastised on a couple of occasions by strangers and the voices were always low.  Here, kids are loud.  Parents are loud.  People walk against the walk signs. They contemplate the meaning of normative behavior and why one place is one way and another place is different.

IN Malaga we had a number of adventures, wandering around the center of the city.  Churches.  Castles.  Roman amphitheaters.  Moorish buildings.  

We rode on huge ferris wheel down by the water.   

We visited the Picasso Museum. Theory was particularly enthralled.  

Theory and Sagan had their nails done too.  In Malaga colors which they saw on a woman in a restaurant.  

We ate tapas and more tapas.  Churros and chocolate. The best chocolate donuts ever.  

We explored Medieval castles.


Win and I rented bikes and rode to the Pompidou Center of Malaga to see exhibits on Calder, & Philip Starck. He loved Stark's bicycle with a woolie.  


Sagan Win and I rode Segway's through the city.  Theory gave it a try too.  It was a blast, I must say.   

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Rosenborg Castle

Our first sight was the Rosenborg Castle.  It had all the trappings of a renaissance royal palace with armor, swords, ivory and crowns. The kids were enthralled.





Sagan loves oatmeal.  Or I should say, porridge is her favorite food of all time.  So when we heard there was a restaurant that exclusively sold oatmeal, it moved to the top of the list.  So first thing this morning, we made a trip to Grød.  In fact, we opened the restaurant.  

After a rough night of jet-lag sleep, the oatmeal hit the spot.  I had strawberries, apples and cranberries.  Tara had a dish with yogurt, peanut butter and chia seeds - it was deliscious.  

Sagan had caramel and was very happy!